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Plugin Weather Forecast Node

A decentralized application, built on XDC Network to get real-time weather data.

With the advent of evidence of climatic change, it is extremely important to have precise weather forecasting for every industry to make insightful decisions.

Plugin Weather Forecast Node built on XDC Network brings the data from various regions across the globe at granular level.

Through efficient data processing from various units across the globe, the data lake that was built by Plugin in a decentralized world will witness a new economy in the future.

Plugin Weather Intelligence & Crop Insurance

Plugin opens up diverse modern technical-oriented services to the agriculture sector across the globe with Plugin Weather Intelligence & Crop Insurance (WICI).

Although, agriculture plays a significant role in fostering wealth across the globe; changes in weather patterns, unexpected production cycles, a lack of actionable weather knowledge, and insufficient mechanisms designed to offset negative consequences throughout the entire agriculture supply chain are just a few of the particular difficulties facing today’s agriculture sector.

With climate change introducing weather uncertainties, there’s a need for real-time weather data to help validate and verify crop insurance claims. With the near real-time data, crop insurance providers can verify whether specific weather conditions were experienced, causing specified problems. Upon ascertaining the data, crop insurers can process payout for affected farmers, guaranteeing continuity in agriculture.

Plugin Real Time Air Pollution Tracking

Today, poor ambient air quality is one of the most crucial public health concerns around the globe. While air quality is a global sustainability issue with varying severity and effects across nations, there’s a need to adopt novel approaches to manage the issue. One approach to the problem is technology.

Leveraging tech will help overcome factors that put pressure on ambient air quality.

Plugin's innovative Real Time Air Pollution Tracking (RTAPT) use case holds a lead position in helping track air pollution in real-time using data feeds from authoritative off-chain sources.

Plugin RTAPT is a blockchain-enabled use case that allows air pollution tracking and tracing in real-time. The project purposes to collect real-time data on air pollution, helping users with air pollution-related health issues or allergies make appropriate decisions.