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Secure, Scalable Blockchain-Agnostic Decentralized Oracle

Develop a common framework platform on XDC Network nodes to run decentralized web3 APIs 24x7 without any centralized failure.

Bring more use-cases to blockchains.
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Middleware, Decentralized Oracle

An API based blockchain/platform agnostic smart contract interaction layer.

Decentralized web3 APIs

Develop a common framework platform on XinFin Network nodes to run decentralized web3 APIs 24x7 without any centralized failure.

Standardized Protocol

The APIs will offer standardized protocol for communicating with data.

  • Developers/institutions feed data to API
  • Developers/institutions access data from API
Agnostic Blockchain Platform

The APIs will be agnostic to underlying blockchain platform. They should be able to work on any blockchain, DLT or non-DLT platform.

What is Plugin ?

Secure, Scalable Blockchain Agnostic Decentralized Oracle

Decentralized Oracle Platform, provides cost effective solutions to any smart contract which runs on Xinfin Eco System.

Plugin enables the smart contract to connect with the real-time world and the data that it receives from the data feed provider is trustable by maintaining high degree of security. Off-chain computation it does takes care of receiving feed from multiple provider and aggregates the same.

Plugin is LIVE on Mainnet now.

Monetize Your Data Feeds And Existing APIs By Selling Them Directly To Smart Contracts

This prevents repetitive patterns from impairing the overall visual impression and facilitates the comparison of different typefaces. Furthermore, it is advantageous when the dummy text is relatively realistic.

  • Connect smart contracts with any API
  • Get Crypto Prices in your Smart Contracts
  • Get Call External APIs from Smart Contracts
  • Generate Verifiable Random Numbers
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Built For Developers

XDC Network allows blockchain developers to easily create price feeds, event reports, and other data oracles to be used in decentralized applications.

Open Source Software Development Kit

XDC Network is a High-performance Blockchain Built for Data Oracle. XDC Network can process thousands of transactions per second with instant finality and the ability to send oracle data across multiple blockchains.

XDC Network Explorer

XDCScan is a Block Explorer, Search, Public API for XinFin XDC Network, a decentralized smart contracts platform.

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Master Node/Validator

Deploying Masternode is conducive to trusted, scalable decentralized network infrastructure.

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XinFin Remix

The most well-known which is said to have originated

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XinPay is a self-hosted wallet to store, send and receive XDC and XRC20.

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Opensource Wallet

XDC Wallet is a free, client-side interface helping you interact with the XinFin blockchain.

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Hardware Wallet

D'CENT becomes the first hardware wallet for the globally-expanding, enterprise-ready XDC Network.

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Our Roadmap

The use of plugin has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

2021 - Q1

Product inceptions started

2021 - Q2

Product Development started

2021 - Q3

Go-Live in “Testnet”

2021 - Q4

Mainnet Presentation, Onboarding Node Operators and Data Feed Partners

2022 - Q1

Promotions & Marketing starts

2022 - Q2

Use case development

Our Tokenomics

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading.

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