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What is Plugin ?


Secure, Scalable Blockchain Agnostic Decentralized Oracle

Decentralized Oracle Platform, provides cost effective solutions to any smart contract which runs on Xinfin Eco System.

Plugin enables the smart contract to connect with the real-time world and the data that it receives from the data feed provider is trustable by maintaining high degree of security. Off-chain computation it does takes care of receiving feed from multiple provider and aggregates the same.


XDC Network

Combining the power of Public & Private blockchains with Interoperable Smart Contracts, XDC Network is most energy efficient since it has XdPOS consensus.

Oracle - Node Operators

Oracle nodes are the backbone of Plugin Network. Spreading across the globe, ensuring consistency in delivering the data onto blockchain.

Data Feed Providers

Offer an API directly to millions of smart contracts. Blockchain-based applications and smart contracts are a rapidly growing market. Many of the best smart contracts are actively looking for reliable data feeds and various APIs.

Plugin Network

Combining oracle core engine, with oracle node & data feed providers, plugin ensures that the data reliability and consistency in delivering tamper proof data to and from onto blockchain.



A open platform for our community

Nodes are backbone of our Plugin oracle network.

Node Operators can choose their cloud service & setup the plugin node.

Node Operators are expected to do a quick sanity test to ensure the node is responding to the event.

After successful testing, the node can be submitted to Plugin Team for review & approve.

It is important that, every node is running 24/7 to have high reputation. This is required to avail the rewards for running the nodes.

A blockchain gateway for Data Feed Providers

Seamless way of integrating your data feed with decentralized applications.

Have a data feed which is vetted and regulated?

Sign-up in our portal and submit your request for onboarding.

Plugin Governance Committee, will do due diligence and approve your request.

Start providing the data to blockchain dapps and monetize the same.


Explore our toolkit to get your node setup.









XDC Explorer


Xinfin Remix




PLI Faucet



Explore our tokenomics to get better understanding on market strength.

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Total Supply

500 Million


Use of Plugin has become more widespread in XDC Network, we are constantly improvising and our milestones are achieved as we progress.





Listed down the most frequently question raised by our community members

How do I contact your technical team ?

Please connect with our technical team using Discord Channel, Invitation link is

Please note that setting up Plugin Node requires some technical knowledge and you should be good at handling cloud, terminal commands and so on.

Yes, if you have a vetted data and that are reliable, please contact us at

How to set up a Plugin Node?

Plugin nodes can be set up with the help of steps provided in the link below. This also installs and runs the External Initiator.

I have set up my Plugin Node. What should I do next? Once you set up the Plugin Node you will have your Node address. Next you need to deploy your oracle contract, set up a job and test it with the sample consumer contract.

Upon the node approval you would need to stake a minimum of 2000 PLI tokens after which your Node will become Active and Staked. It can be viewed on the Plugin marketplace in the list of nodes. You will start receiving the rewards after 30 days (+2 days) of successful staking.

Once you have set up the Node and the contracts you need to use the Node operator platform for registering your Node on Plugin. Your request will be reviewed and approved by the Plugin team.

When can I see my node active?

After you submit the required details, it will take 24 to 48 hours for us to review & approve.

We have a clear and transparent business model. Please contact us at

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